City of Milano, Texas

"Where industry has room to grow..."

Incorporated: 1977


Population: 420

As of 04/18/2016 the City Council has appointed Carol Newman to Mayor.

As of 04/22/2016 the City no longer has a local Police Department - Please contact Milam County Sheriff's Office for any law enforcement assistance.

The City of Milano is located on Highway 79 and Highway 36 North in Milam County. We were incorporated in 1977 and currently has a population of 420 residences.


The City Council meets every third Monday of the month. The council has the ability to change the date but it will be posted per state requirements.

The next council

meeting is:






To Be Determined


Civic Center - 120 West Avenue E

This may not be accurate or up to date. The best way to ensure you are kept up to date is to review the Rockdale Reporter or look at the posted agenda at the Civic Center; it is accessible at all times. If you have any questions please contact the City Secretary.